Catoosa: An Active Small City in Oklahoma

Catoosa is a city located in the Rogers and Wagoner counties of Oklahoma. Though the city’s population might seem modest at approximately 7,200 residents, Catoosa experienced a population increase of 31 percent over the past decade. Despite its status as a small city, Catoosa is a community rich in activities. Points of interests include the Blue Whale of Catoosa, a waterfront structure, which is a famous Route 66 landmark, Molly’s Landing, an award-winning restaurant that has been serving locals and tourists since 1984, and The Hard Rock Casino, a resort boasting two hotels, several restaurants, a golf course, and a concert hall. The Hard Rock also hosts the annual Cherokee Art Market as well as the International Cherokee Film Festival. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy a plethora of parks and recreational centers. Spend a sunny afternoon at Hathaway Park, Redbud Valley Nature Preserve Center and Hiking Trails, and Rodger Berry Sports Complex. Best of all, Catoosa is mere 30 minutes from all of the excitement and convenience of Tulsa so it will never be difficult to escape Catoosa's small town serenity for some big city fun!

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